What the .emacs.d!?

Is your modeline chock full of minor-mode abbreviations and cruft?

;; Diminish modeline clutter
(require 'diminish)
(diminish 'wrap-region-mode)
(diminish 'yas/minor-mode)

After a quick M-x package-install diminish, you too can have the pleasure of using a lot of minor modes, without those minor modes making a mess of the modeline. Mmm.

As for diminish.el itself, it contains the most beautifully poetic code commentary of all time. Here's an excerpt:

"When we diminish a mode, we are saying we want it to continue doing its work for us, but we no longer want to be reminded of it. It becomes a night worker, like a janitor; it becomes an invisible man; it remains a component, perhaps an important one, sometimes an indispensable one, of the mechanism that maintains the day-people's world, but its place in their thoughts is diminished, usually to nothing. As we grow old we diminish more and more such thoughts, such people, usually to nothing."

- Will Mengarini in diminish.el

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